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A showcase featuring some of the UK's fastest-growing and most innovative government-supported businesses

The UK is extremely proud of its long history of creativity and innovation and the potential for high growth in some of its most exciting businesses, from start-ups rich in technology to established growth and development stage SMEs.

Innovate UK has been a significant early stage funder to many of these businesses and presents the GrowthShowcase to provide connects to investors and influencers.



Joined GrowthShowcase in November 2015 and received support from Innovate UK

QuantumMDx has developed a suite of diagnostic tools and technologies for rapid DNA & RNA analysis, including a handheld device capable of analysing DNA in under 20 minutes at the patient's side for a few pounds.

  • Major support from NGOs including Gates, FIND & Clinton Foundations
  • Early stage revenues from licensing underlying tech and robust patent portfolio comprising 19 patents
  • Strong and seasoned board, advisory team and partners
Global Prepaid Solutions

Joined GrowthShowcase in November 2015 and received support from Innovate UK and the Business Growth Service

Global Prepaid Solutions has developed an efficient Smart Energy Prepayment system for gas and electricity that eliminates administrative costs, enabling energy suppliers to offer price party between prepayment and credit customers.

  • Has obtained their first 5 year contract to supply SEP to a dual fuel supplier
  • Strong, complete team
  • Already in discussions with 3 of the ‘Big 6’ and most of the larger challenger suppliers

Joined GrowthShowcase in November 2015 and received support from Innovate UK and the Business Growth Service

rais has developed a time-saving, easy-to-use customer intelligence and CRM platform for SME online retail businesses that have no time or capability to harness their customer data effectively to improve the return on their customer relationships.

  • Recipient of two government grants (SMART Proof of Concept, Technology Inspired – Feasibility)
  • Has signed up 10 paying clients, 5 trial clients and 2 agency partnerships (digital marketing & web design)
  • Graduated Accelerator Academy (London)

Recent news

We were pleased to hear GrowthShowcase featured SwabTech’s pursuit of Enhanced Blood Recovery systems has been encouraged by the recent move of a major life sciences fund to offer 70% of the current funding required. As a number of NHS clinical centres are asking about using the product SwabTech is looking at how to formally evaluate its use in support of wider adoption and sales.

Congratulations to GrowthShowcase featured Oxford Space Systems who have recently won two awards at the British Engineering Excellence Awards in ‘Start Up of the Year’ and the overall ‘Grand Prix 2015’ trophy.


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Innovate UK is the new name for the Technology Strategy Board – the UK’s innovation agency. We know that taking a new idea to market is a challenge. We fund, support and connect innovative businesses through a unique mix of people and programmes to accelerate sustainable economic growth.

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The GrowthShowcase launch was featured by The Telegraph and the UKBAA amongst others.


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